Axiom Mapping Advantage

A Standalone Solution Independent of Your Existing Management System

The Axiom Mapping Advantage is a standalone, economical solution that empowers smaller cemeteries to uniquely support their client families with easy access to information regarding their loved ones. The visually appealing digital map of a cemetery’s land, buildings, and gravesites matches the high level of customer service typically found in more expensive enterprise-level solutions. A key benefit of using Axiom Mapping Advantage is that the standalone solution can be deployed independently of an existing cemetery management system.

"Axiom Mapping Advantage will help streamline operations for smaller cemeteries by bringing their processes up to speed in today’s technology-driven world.”
Stephanie Rose-Belcher
JMT Consulting COO

Axiom Mapping Advantage is a game-changer in cemetery solutions. Configurable and easy to maintain, the modern technology of Axiom Mapping Advantage alleviates the administrative burden associated with cemetery mapping operations and client family support.

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