Best-in-Class Deathcare Software
for All Your Organization's Needs

Whether it's your team or the families you serve, deliver a supportive experience
with an end-to-end cemetery management solution.

Streamline sales, marketing, deathcare mapping, customer service records and finances — all from one central hub. For an added layer of efficiency, add JMT's HR, payroll and budgeting services to expand your cemetery management system.

Engineered exclusively to increase sales and improve the efficiency of your operation

Create a central place where all your data lives. Axiom’s centralized cloud database is a home that allows your organization to manage customer support, sales, marketing, and every aspect of your operations.

We take away the headaches of running a cemetery so you can concentrate on what matters most — providing the best service to grieving family members and delivering peace of mind during an extremely difficult time.

Increase deathcare sales.
View your digitized cemetery plots, layout, and the current inventory status. Eliminate double-selling and view available inventory from anywhere online, in real-time.
Grow your business

Cloud-based deathcare mapping.
Axiom Mapping Advantage is the only stand-alone, cloud-based mapping technology solution that can be deployed independently from an existing cemetery management system. It’s easy to maintain and is an affordable solution for small cemeteries.
Map your cemetery digitally

Cloud accounting system.
Transform your financial management tasks. Manage the finances of your cemetery; generate invoices; accept payments; track inventory, sales and payroll—and much more.
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Self-service kiosk to locate burial plots or records.
Create a better family service experience with Axiom Public Tools. Provide timely grave location assistance instead of cemetery paper maps and paper records.
Improve customer experience
Manage information in one place.
No more drowning in scattered documents, unorganized contacts and unsecured documents. With Axiom’s digital database, you and your team can manage and integrate sales, marketing, customer service records and finances—all from one central hub.
Secure and organize critical data
Increase accuracy and efficiency.
Promote efficiency through secured and automated contracts. No more pricing or math errors, manual calculations, and tedious paperwork. Our software frees up your time so you can focus on more critical tasks.
Achieve more with Axiom

Replace old paper records and spreadsheets.
Streamline your cemetery operations with the most powerful cloud-based cemetery management software.

Integrates all of your core deathcare management functions into one easy-to-use interface.

We’ll walk you through the powerful modules that make Axiom an industry leader in deathcare software. We’ll show you how your cemetery can benefit from implementing a more modern management solution.

If you are still using outdated technology or combining multiple systems to perform the essential tasks that keep your cemetery running, this video is for you.

Run your deathcare operations with ease—regardless of size.​

Take their word for it, not just ours.

Because less time on deathcare operations means more time supporting families during their time of need. 

Resources for Deathcare Managers

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