Our Solutions

Cemetery Mapping

Put your cemetery on the map. Whether you’re looking for an all-encompassing cemetery management solution or simply need a standalone mapping tool, we’ve got you covered. 

We offer two options to meet your needs:

1. Axiom Mapping Advantage (Standalone Solution)

Axiom Mapping Advantage is a standalone, modern, cloud-based solution for smaller cemeteries and the families they serve. Cemetery owners will experience increased efficiencies, and families will enjoy the simple, easy-to-use online map of the cemetery to quickly locate their loved ones. Cemetery users will be able to view all of the information about a location right from the map. Inventory is live and always up-to-date, which reduces the need for manual research and errors.
Available Features: 
  • Walk to Grave – Provides Google map directions from your location to the selected location in the cemetery
  • Cemetery 360 – Cemetery 360 is a partner service that provides 360-degree images at set points around the cemetery grounds
  • Request Information – Funeral Decisions is a partner service that provides CRM leads for available locations in the cemetery
  • Buildings Module – The Buildings Module allows the vertical walls of mausoleums and columbaria to be displayed in the map as they exist
  • Built-in Reports – There are a number of built-in reports available to users with the correct privileges

2. Axiom Cemetery Mapping (Integrated Solution)

Axiom Mapping, an integrated tool for Axiom CMS, supplies a mapping representation of your cemetery, including grounds and buildings. Enhance your customer service by adding Axiom Mapping Public, which allows families to search for loved ones and view available plots in the cemetery. 
Using any GPS-enabled phone or tablet, your team can instantly pull up walking or driving directions to the exact property location they’re searching for. When it comes to the families they serve, they can use add-on technology (Cemetery360) and provide a 360-degree photo view of the landscape surrounding their property locations—which is the next best thing to seeing it in person. Our mapping feature integrates directly with your sales and records data, making it possible to create thematic maps based on any piece of records data or to pull up the site status, deceased information, or owner details in real-time.

Because less time on cemetery operations means more time supporting families during their time of need.