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Cemetery Mapping

Get a birds eye view of your cemetery while accessing live data from your records system with Axiom Cemetery Mapping.

Having an accurate and up-to-date representation of the available property space is of prime importance in sustaining your cemetery’s revenue stream. Axiom’s Cemetery Mapping features give you greater flexibility and mobility in making grounds grave/niche/crypt selections a seamless, hassle-free experience for your sales team and prospective families. 

By integrating directly with your cemetery records system, Axiom gives you anytime, unlimited access to the details of your available property — no redundancy, no delays, and complete accuracy. 

axiom cms mapping for cemeteries

Using any GPS-intelligent mobile phone or tablet, your sales people can instantly pull up walking or driving directions to their desired property location — making the process of locating a site that much easier.

Not onsite? By utilizing Cem360 integration, families can view 360-degree photography of the landscape surrounding prosepective property locations (which is the next best thing to seeing the site in person). 

By integrating directly with your sales and records data, Axiom Cemetery Mapping makes it easy to create thematic maps based on any piece of records data or pull up the site status, deceased information, or owner details for every site in the cemetery in real-time. 

axiom cemetery mapping

Have you ever wished your sales team could view your cemetery map from anywhere, with live data from your records system?

With Axiom’s Cemetery Mapping, they can.