Our Solutions

Visitor Experience

Be a helpful, informative resource for your visitors when they need it most with Axiom's Visitor Experience features.

Touchscreen Kiosk

Provide helpful, customizable information to your cemetery visitors through strategically located information kiosks on the cemetery grounds.

With Axiom’s Touchscreen Kiosk module, visitors can easily:

  • Locate a deceased person using a search and list function
  • Identify the exact burial/memorial location of a deceased person
  • Zoom-in, zoom-out, and pan to aid in navigating the cemetery
  • Print a map that identifies exact burial/memorial location and surnames of the deceased in surrounding sites to aid with site identification
  • Display cemetery policy/marketing documents
  • Display cemetery Sites of Interest
  • View the current day’s funeral services
  • Locate cemetery facilities
  • And much more! 
axiom cemetery touchscreen kiosk

Online Records Search

In an age where families may be scattered all over the globe, Axiom’s Online Records Search feature enables anyone to log in to your cemetery’s website and search for family names, date of death, place of rest, and more.

Searchers can also access an easy-to-understand printable featuring: 

  • Map of the cemetery property
  • Burial details
  • Information regarding the surrounding sites
  • The exact burial location and a portion of the surrounding area
axiom online cemetery search
Spend less time on cemetery operations
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