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Visitor Experience

Be a helpful, informative resource for families during their time of need—whether they’re visiting your cemetery or gathering information from home.

Axiom Find A Loved One

This easy-to-use, mobile-friendly tool makes it simple for families to 
locate loved ones in cemeteries, with self-service abilities such as viewing deceased and service information, accessing walk-to-grave directions, seeing a visual map overview of the cemetery, and accessing a gallery of images. 

Additionally, it integrates with Cemetery360 for an all-encompassing view of the property. 

Find A Loved One on Mobile Phone

Axiom Kiosk

Provide helpful, customizable insight with information kiosks throughout your cemetery.  With Axiom’s Kiosk module, visitors can easily:

  • Locate a deceased person using the search and list function
  • Identify the exact burial/memorial location of a deceased person
  • Zoom-in, zoom-out, and pan to help navigate the cemetery
  • Display cemetery policy/marketing documents
  • Display cemetery sites of interest
  • Locate cemetery facilities
  • Additionally, it integrates with Cemetery360 for an all-encompassing view of the property. 
axiom cemetery touchscreen kiosk

Axiom Services


This add-on application for Axiom CMS provides families and staff with a list of the day’s services, and has the ability to list the following two days’ worth of services. It can be used on your website, as part of the kiosk solution, and internally around the cemetery campus so everyone is aware of upcoming services. ​
Axiom Services Screen

Because less time on cemetery operations means more time supporting families during their time of need.