Increase Cash Flow with Axiom Cemetery Financial Management Solution

Cash flow and client care go hand-in-hand with the right financial software. Manage your cemetery business and increase your cash flow with Axiom cemetery software.

Running a cemetery is challenging between budgeting, inventory, finances, operations, marketing, and record-keeping. Not to mention your most important job: being there for families in need. And if you’re working with a limited team (or operating a one-person show), doing it all – while remaining profitable – can seem impossible.

Until now.

Cemetery software solutions help you manage the different aspects of your business while increasing your organization’s cash flow. With one multi-faceted platform, you can improve your cemetery’s profitability – and give you more time to help families.


Cash drives decisions

The right cemetery software solution includes financial management tools to help you create an accurate cash flow statement quickly and easily. An accurate cash flow statement ensures you have up-to-date information on your cemetery’s financial condition at your fingertips to inform important purchasing decisions – and keep you abreast of expenditures. A complete financial picture may help you to more easily identify where you can cut costs and make better decisions on where to invest.


Budgeting better

Cemetery software solutions can also help you standardize processes and budgets more effectively. But many cemetery managers believe moving to an automated system is too complicated. Or there’s a fear of switching over simply because “we’ve always done our finances this way.”

Thankfully, more capabilities do not equate to more complications. Utilizing a cloud-based cemetery software solution can help you budget more effectively and mitigate the risk of costly errors. You can make cemetery budgeting decisions confidently – with accounting software that makes it simple.


Turning extra time into increased revenue

Cemetery software integrates all core functions of your cemetery into one seamless interface, which essentially takes micro-management out of your job description. By employing an end-to-end financial management software solution, you can automate your processes – from pre-need sales and cemetery mapping to payroll to finances – to streamline your overall workflow.

Utilizing cemetery software frees you up for other necessary tasks, like expanding your services and growing cemetery sales to ensure profitability in an ever-changing market. Consumers today often want more options that fit their needs (and finances) for interment. It is about more than a traditional cemetery plot or cremation – people want unique ways to honor and remember their loved ones. You can increase your cash flow and cemetery revenue by giving your consumers more options that fit their vision for a proper tribute.

It’s also essential to get to know your fellow local businesses that touch the operating activities of your cemetery business. By cultivating new or nurturing current relationships with local churches or nearby funeral homes, you can help ensure your services are top-of-mind for them when a need arises. While nurturing business relationships requires time and effort in the short-term, more substantial, ongoing relationships will drive more sales year over year.

With the right financial management software solution, time can be more money.


Finding the right cemetery software

Axiom’s financial management software is your answer to more streamlined processes, greater efficiencies, and accurate financial reporting regarding budgeting and finances. Powered by JMT Consulting and 30+ years of expertise, our cemetery software solutions offer complete visibility into your operations, allowing you to allocate time and resources appropriately – and put your efforts where they are needed most.

Reach out to learn more about our comprehensive software solutions to help with your cemetery’s financial management and how we can help you optimize your back office. Call us today for additional information on financial management topics such as one-click financial statements and financial reporting (current one year and prior years), automated accounts receivables, accounts payables, and more.

Selecting and Implementing the Right Digital Management Software

With their lush grass, blooming flowers, and weighty headstones, cemeteries may seem disconnected from the digital world. But behind the scenes, technology drives today’s cemetery management – and it’s never been more important than now.

Spend less time on cemetery operations
and more time with your clients during their time of need.