Using a Digital Platform to Manage Cemetery Plots and Interment Records

We all know that paper records are a big challenge for cemeteries. We have seen the struggles cemeteries go through to serve families quickly and efficiently. Whether selling burial plots, arranging for maintenance and care, or just directing a family on how to find a loved one’s gravesite, paper records slow the process and are prone to error. Anyone who has ever had to take over for a cemetery manager who had a paper system knows the frustration of trying to figure out handwritten notations and symbols.

Cemetery managers often inherit the cemetery records and systems of those that came before them. That can mean everything from worn-out paper notebooks, hand-drawn map templates, to spreadsheets. Having data stored in different places, in different ways, using “systems“ created by someone that may be long gone can make for serious inventory management challenges. Not only does it slow down operations, but it also creates frustration for families looking to quickly locate loved ones using outdated cemetery maps. While cemetery management software has been available for some time, many cemeteries have been slow to make the transition to a digital platform.

Why Cemetery Managers are Slow to Adopt Digital Solutions

Most people have made at least a partial transition into the digital world in their personal lives, as shown by the number of smartphones in use. People may use email, text, or social media on a daily basis. However, many of those same people head into the office each day and are greeted by multiple filing cabinets full of paper files.

Some cemetery managers have embraced Microsoft Excel as their records management software, which is a big step in the right direction. Just as smartphones revolutionized communication, cemetery management software does the same for cemetery operations.

Why aren’t more cemeteries embracing digital solutions? Many cemetery owners have been reluctant to turn to a software solution to digitize burials, plot ownership and map records simply because it seems so overwhelming. The paper files represent “the way we’ve always done it” and with a small staff and limited funds, many cemeteries don’t even consider the idea. We understand digital records are a big change for cemeteries, but just like with smartphones, the benefits will outweigh the challenges.

Tools to Help Cemetery Managers Decide When the
Time is Right to Adopt a Digital Solutions

If you are a cemetery manager reading this blog, then you are halfway there! Change is hard, but it only takes a small spark to ignite the path towards countless benefits and increased functionality for your cemetery. Axiom, Powered by JMT Consulting, offers the Axiom Technology Assessment (ATA) to help cemeteries determine if the time is right to adopt a cemetery management system. Axiom starts with an in-depth review of your cemetery’s day-to-day activities completed by our digital cemetery experts. The ATA is designed to help you:

  • Understand the roadmap for modernizing your back office record-keeping.
  • Discover opportunities to better serve families and loved ones in real-time
  • Break free from paper maps and paper records and streamline your internal workflows and processes

Axiom’s experienced cemetery professionals will follow a three-step process to complete your technology assessment:

  1. We will interview key staff to understand how you currently manage your cemetery operations.  We will dig into everything from the sales process to how you manage work orders, burial records, cremation records, plot maps and more to understand your cemetery’s pain points.

  2. Once your cemetery data and operations are analyzed, we will determine what user-friendly solutions will help to modernize your cemetery operations and reduce or eliminate your pain points.

  3. Finally, you will receive a written document with a synopsis of findings and specialized recommendations.  This report will give you the confidence to make informed decisions on the future handling of your cemetery’s operations.

Understanding the different types of cemetery management software will help cemetery managers or administrators make an informed decision.

Take the First Step

Sometimes the greatest hurdle in making the move to digital is embracing technology and the positive change it will create for your staff and the families you serve. In the words of Google’s Amit Zavery, “Think of digital transformation less as a technology project to be finished than as a state of perpetual agility, always ready to evolve for whatever customers want next, and you’ll be pointed down the right path.” Axiom, Powered by JMT Consulting, is ready to help your cemetery understand how to explore options and get started.

Spend less time on cemetery operations
and more time with your families during their time of need.