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Axiom Announces Newest Product Innovation: Axiom Find a Loved One

Axiom Find a Loved One

Axiom, Powered by JMT Consulting, is excited to announce its newest product: Axiom Find a Loved One. This easy-to-use, mobile-friendly tool makes it simple for families to locate loved ones in cemeteries. This latest launch is part of the company’s continued effort to innovate and deliver software solutions that support cemeteries and the families they serve.

“The user-friendly interface and clear search results of Axiom “Find a Loved One” are a comfort for the grieving, even long after the loss,” said Clarke Kuebler, Erie Cemetery Association General Manager. “With this tool in place, our cemetery office teams have more time to support each family in their time of need.”

Compatible with Axiom CMS and Axiom Mapping Advantage, Find a Loved One is designed to exist on cemetery websites to provide families with self-service abilities such as viewing deceased and service information, accessing walk-to-grave directions, seeing a visual map overview of the cemetery and opening a gallery of images. Additionally, it integrates with Cemetery360 for an all-encompassing view of the property. The Axiom Find a Loved One application provides 24/7 customer service for families’ needs while freeing up cemetery staff to focus on additional priorities. “This affordable tool is a tremendous resource that enhances our existing software applications,” said Stephanie Rose-Belcher, Axiom and JMT Consulting COO. “We look forward to seeing the known benefits of the application in action with our clients.”

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Powered by JMT Consulting and integrated with their HR, payroll and budgeting services, Axiom helps cemeteries streamline processes using an end-to-end cemetery management software. With full digital visibility into their operations,
users can manage and integrate sales, marketing, customer service records, and finances from one central hub.